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Spring Session IV Week 6 May 10, 2014

Posted by hoopdujour on May 12, 2014 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Boynton Beach FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

All around, what a great day for HDJ; the weather is ideal. Cloud cover is a great thing :)

Today we focused on setting a proper Pick and completing the "Pick n Roll"

Everyone particapated in setting a solid pick and then rolling off the pick to the basket for an easy shot.

From the beginnings of Basketball in Springfield Ma, to the present game and in between...Picks have and always will be an integral part of the game.

It is so important to know how to space the floor and move together creating easy shots; easy shots = easy points.

In addition, we also worked on perfecting our dribble.


Papa John's Pizza was the prize for the Top 7 finishers in our weekly 'Dribble Times" 

The Top 7 Times were rewarded with a Large Specialty Pizza. 

Winners were: Jared Schacter, Alex Glazer, Scottie Schacter, Angelina Catania, Brittney Carver, Gianni, Natale, Sean Lutin.

Pizza was also rewarded to the Winner of Buzzer Beaters; Jon Carver came home with the prize by hitting a runner as time ran off the clock.

Our scrimmage was hardcore as all our players got involved. The ball was moving up and down the court with a great pace.

Alex G lead the fast break and dished the rock with great precision.

6 weeks are in the books, with 1 week remaining. I am extremely pleased with the continued progress of this camp.

Every player has been focused and wants to better his or her skills.

Thanks to Under Armor for their genorosity in supplying todays giveaways.

Lets finish up strong, Final Sat will be Awesome.

Spring Session IV Week 5 May 3, 2014

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Boynton Beach FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

Overcast sky's with temps in the high 80's; muggy and buggy conditions for HDJ.

Todays class was all about refreshing our skills on Offense.

Getting the ball into the post and creating better scoring opportunities for the Bigs.

In additon, we also worked on setting picks and spacing the court.

It is so important to work together ie: the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs are masters of the pick and roll.

They're spacing is ideal whereas every player gets involved with the basketball.

This is a major part of what we are trying to accomplish.


Dribble times were lightning quick as all players were pushing the rock up and down the court.

Max W. and Tyler S. continue to work hard and compete.

Noah Y. was a rebounding machine, securing the missed shots.

Jon C. was the winner of Buzzer Beaters beating out Speedy and Noah with a soft teardrop as the clock expired.

We have two weeks left to go in the Spring session of HDJ.

I am looking forward to see the finished product at the end of the Session.

This class continues to excel with their hardwork, sportsmanship and overall possitive outlook.

Keep up the great work, its my pleasure to serve up a Daily Dose of Hoop Du Jour.


Spring Session IV Week 4 April 26, 2014

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Boynton Beach FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

Hot, Hot, Hot!

What better way to get loose, stretch out those muscles and play some serious ball.

Today's camp was all about Team work.

From the Passing of the ball, Rebounding the rock, to perfecting the Team Offense and Defense.

It takes the entire squad in working together to play the proper team way.

Communication is key whereas every player is talking to one another - thus leading to court awareness.

Especially on the Defensive side of the ball, rotating, and helping out = Wins.


Faith K was back in Camp after being on the injured reserve with a dislocated Nose but showed no ill will.

She Won the weekly Buzzer Beaters compitition by sinking a 12 foot Jumper as time expired.

A big HDJ Shout Out goes to Sean L for his Dribble Drive through the lane, bank shot off the glass to Win the Team Scrimmage.

Angelina C. and Brittney C. continue to battle, making each other better!

Jon C. showed his toughness and aggressiveness by rebounding and playing great defense on both sides of the court.

A big HDJ Thank you is in order for Papa John's Pizza.

It was great to have John C. and Ms. Slice in the House of Hoop Du Jour.

Everyone enjoyed The Pizza and all of the PJ Swag genorosly donatated by Papa Johns.

In addition, Bai 5 donated the Energy Drinks for the session and they were fantastic.

Big things are happening at Hoop Du Jour, large Corporations are recognizing our hard work and rewarding our players.

Next Sat. cant come soon enough.

Spring Session IV Week 3 April 19, 2014

Posted by hoopdujour on April 20, 2014 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Boynton Beach FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

Great day for basketball, weather Hazy, Hot and Humid 90 degress = SWEAT!

Another day of working on perfecting our skills.

Passing was a major focus with Pick and Rolls, Two by Two tandems and Outlets.

The ball was moving up and down the court with precision, speed and accuracy.

Despite the tough conditions, all players kept their cool and should a great deal of Sportsmanship.


Angelina C defeated Sean L in Buzzer beaters after 4 overtimes with Angelina hitting a runner off the glass to Win.

Nathan was a winner in King of the Court by sinking a corner J.

Jaxon G was quick like a cat in Dribble Times posting a 11:43.

Alex G was all over the court scoring 8 out of his teams points.

All in all a great day with alot of heart and hustle.

Thank you to Friendly's for supplying our Players with delicious Ice Cream.

In addition, we'd like to Thank TNT for providing all of our HDJ Players with NBA Playoff Posters..."Win or Go Home"

I cant wait for next Sat to get here, Coach Rob.

Spring Session IV Week 2 April 12, 2014

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Boynton Beach, FL Canyon Isles For Immediate Release.

The weather is beginning to get Hot at Hoop Du Jour Basketball Camp.

The warm tempatures are here to stay and that means conditioning will play a big role in what we are trying to accomplish.

In today's game of Basketball "Speed" plays an important part in the winning and losing of games.

The team that pushes the ball up and down the court and gets the most possesions...usually ends up on top.

Our Players are really pushing each other and the hard work is paying off.


Buzzer Beaters came down to the wire as Sam and Asher battled to the finish. When all was said and done Asher banked a 17 footer off the glass to claim the crown.

Gianni sizzled in the Dribble Timer Drill by breaking the 11 seconds mark.

Nathan exceled in the Foul Shot Team relay and Alex recorded a Double - Double in the scrimmage.

I want to Thank Spalding for they're genorosity in providing today's Basketballs for giveaway.

Hoop Du Jour Basketball "I Love this Game"!

Coach Rob

Opening Day Spring Session IV April 5, 2014

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Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles. For Immediate Release

Another Opening Day of Hoop Du Jour Basketball. Weather: Sunny, Temp 85 degress.

I am so excited about this session of HDJ.

The roster of players are strong from top to bottom, as we have 8 new players...welcome to the team.

Today we focused on Speed! Pushing the ball up and down the court concentrating on control.

Outlet passes, fastbreaks, rapid release of the ball, etc.

Everyone worked extremly hard today under tough weather conditions, alot of sweat to go around.


Brittney, John, Noah, Speedy and Asher all excelled in Buzzer Beaters.

In the end, last person standing was John  the Winner.

Sam and Tyler worked hard on their defense and Angelina and Brittney battled on every possesion.

Congrats go out to Noah for sinking the winning Foul Shot in our weekly scrimmage run/game.

I cant wait till next week, to serve up a daily dose of HDJ!

Coach Rob.

Week 5 Session III Feb. 22, 2014

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Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

Well another fine day for Basketball with tempatures in the mid 80's, a Hot one.

Todays session was foused around moving the ball in gametime situations.

Making that extra pass instead of settling for a jump shot.

Its the Offenses that get everyone involved by touching the ball that are most successful.

Moving without the ball is a lost art in todays game; today we are gonna sweat with nonstop movement.

Okay now for Highlights:

Scottie Schacter back from assignment Won the Buzzer Beaters competition by hitting a runner at the buzzer to defeat Jaxon.

AJ had a strong all around game by setting picks, playing defense and driving to the basket.

Sean and Sam are improving weeek by week with their overall understanding of the game.

Jaxon and Faith continue to excel on the fast break.

Lastly a big HDJ Shout out is in order to Under Armour for supplying our Team with T Shirts.

Now, not only do we play well, but look good too.


Week 4 Session III Feb. 8, 2014

Posted by hoopdujour on February 8, 2014 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

What a gorgeous day for Hoops; 82 degrees, Sunny =  a heavy sweat day.

Its days like this that build stamina and conditioning.

Being in better shape than your oponent translates to WINS!

Okay, now to the highlights of todays Camp:

In the Dribble Time Drill, our times continue to decrease.

We are focusing on keeping the dribble low, our heads up and transitioning  with speed and control.

80% of the players took time off the clock from the previous week. (the drill is working)

In Buzzer Beaters Asher F. sank a 12 footer to defeat Jaxon.

Jaxon put on an amazing display today coming off of his 2nd ankle injury.

You'd never know by the way he was all over the court; shooting, defending the angles and driving to the basket. AWESOME!

A few honorable mentions include, Angelina for her all around game.

Scottie S hit the game winning shot in our scrimmage with a "kiss off the glass" over brother Jared. 

Nathan, Faith and AJ also had strong outings.

A great job all around in the hazy, hot and humid conditions.

Focus is what it's all about even in tough conditions.

I cant wait till next week :)

HDJ New Session III Opening Day 1 Jan 18, 2014

Posted by hoopdujour on January 20, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

What a perfect day for HDJ; Im excited about the new roster of players adding 6 newcomers to the team.

Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the high 60's.

It was great to get back on the court and play some hoops.

Today's roster was split in half with 1/2 of the roster away on assignment.

From the beginning of class the level of competition was high.

Right from the start...Drills and Skills to the Scrimmages; everyone brought they're enthusiasm and played hard.


Adam L. was on Fire guiding his Team to victory in the Team Foul Shooting Rotate Relay.

Alex G. was infuego in the "King of the Court" Challenge, Winning 4 times.

Angelina C. was crowned 'Queen of the Court".

Alex G. also won Buzzer beaters beating out 2nd place finisher Tyler Speedy.

All around the play was strong, Im excited to be back "Serving up a Daily Dose" of a Hoop Du Jour.

See you all next week :)

Week 6

Posted by hoopdujour on October 28, 2013 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Lakes For Immediate Release.

Well it all comes down to the Final Week; next week will settle the score and crown a new Champion.

Todays play was outstanding; with hard play, good sportsmanship and an overall feeling of determination.

In the Fouls Shot Exhaust Drill, Scottie S knocked down the Foul Shot after 7 missed attempts by other players, Exhausting, LOL.

In the Team Foul Shooting Drill relay, Sydney B hit the winning shot capping a great comeback.

Alex G continues to excel in Buzzer Beaters; as he nailed a Shot with a "Kiss offf the glass" as time expired.

Jaxon G defeated Alex G in a round of Knockout.

Next week all of the Points will be tabulated and the Scores will be posted.

It's been a terrific Session with all of our Players learning a great deal on how to become  better players.

Its plain and simple; through hard work and determination- good things happen.