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Coaches Corner

DEFENSE Tips: Playing a 2-3 Zone.

The 2-3 Zone is the most commonly used of the Zone Defenses played today.

It has the advantage of protecting the inside paint area and keeping your "Big Men" inside.

It's weakness is that it can be beaten by a good outside shooting team with open areas on the Wings, Point and High Post.

Oftentimes, we think of the 2-3 Zone as a defense that less athletic teams can use to force the opponent to shoot from the outside, while keeping the paint protected and your key Rebounder's inside.

It is true that less athletic teams may have more success with this defense rather than Man to Man as it tends to shut down dribble penetration and the inside post game.

It usually requires the Offense to be more patient in getting a good shot, and thus gives you a better way to control the game speed and tempo.

On the other hand, if you have good, quick athletes, the 2-3 Zone can be a more aggressive, trapping style of defense, creating turnovers and steals...but you must have quick athletic players to employ this type of D.

Remember to always have your hands up and be in your slide position. (defensive stance)

"Dunk you very much"

Coach Rob

OFFENSE TIPS: Pick and Roll.

In todays up tempo style of Basketball a greater emphasis is being placed on the open or spread offense, dribble penetration and the ability to draw and kick out to the three point shooters.

The Pick and Roll (also called the ball screen) is one of the oldest plays in basketball, but it is now being used more than ever.

The Pick and Roll has become popular as a method for gaining dribble penetration and then drawing and kicking, either kicking in to a player near the basket or kicking out to a three point shooter.

At the Professional level, the Pick and Roll has become a primary part of the offense for most teams. It has also become a major part of both College and High School basketball.

In the Pick and Roll, the picker sets the pick and then rolls (cuts to the baasket) for a possible inside shot off a pass from the ball handler.

If the picker is a good shooter, a pick and pop may be used; this play has the picker popping out for an outside shot rather than rolling to the basket.

Remeber to always be aggressive on both sides of the ball. Creating tempo is most important.

"Dunk you very much"

Coach Rob

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