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Fall Session Sept 20, 2014

Boynton Beach FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

Today's camp was one of the most rewarding sessions.

Everyone came to play hard today and we're eager to learn the proper way to play the game of basketball.

Due to last weeks on and off rain drizzle, we really focused on working our fundamentals.

We worked on our Foul Shooting, (because they WIN games) Rebounding the ball under duress, (rapid release) Breakaway Layups, Moving without the ball and our Defensive positioning.

It is so important to develop the fundamentals for all aspects of the game.

Without knowledge and understanding on how to succeed, we will never reach Our Goals.


We welcomed two new players to the roster; Alex & Max P.

Both Faith and Alex really burned rubber in the Dribble Times Relay, 11:44.

Zoe and Faith partnered up to form a Dynamic Duo of Girl Power!

Tyler M continued his all around solid play.

Brother combo of Preston and Cameron really were determined to Win.

Thanks to Under Armour for providing our Team with Hoodie Sweatshirts for everyone.

It's my pleasure to serve up a dialy dose of Hoop Du Jour.

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