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HDJ welcomes BUILT Personal Training to ELITE Camp

Boynton Beach FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

The HDJ ELITE Basketball Camp is underway and each and every player on the roster is pushing one another.

Only the best of the best are invited to the ELITE camp and I am proud to say that the progress to date has been amazing.

Today we were lucky to have Mr. Brent Drill and his lovely assistant Deborah Lima of BUILT Personal Training and Conditioning.

Brent who is a award winning Personal Trainer worked with our team on a variety of drills geared at speed, agility and focus.

All of our players enjoyed learning differant techniques of fitness which will help their overall game.

When it came down to our daily scrimmage it was all about finishing.

The final score was 25-24 in overtime; Josh E hitting a driving layup to earn the victory.

I am so proud of this team as we are coming into the warm weather.

Every player is giving it their all and working hard as the conditions are getting tough.

Strength and conditioning plays a major role in the outcomes of games and it is defineatly showing on the court..

Lastly, the Dribble Times have been scorching; I guess the hard work is paying off 

Thank you BUILT Personal Training for all of your guidence, knowledge and professionalism..

I Cant wait for tomorrow to serve up my "Daily Dose" of Hoop Du Jour.

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