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NBA Nation Ambassador Darryl Dawkins is back for another tour!

Catching up with Chocolate Thunder.

It’s been awhile since we left you in Philadelphia. What have you been up to?

Everything…working with kids in camps, visiting the Choctaw Native Americans in Oklahoma, being a dad to some busy kids, working out and staying healthy.

What do you enjoy most about being the NBA Nation ambassador?

Meeting people, seeing the different cities, and showing the fans the NBA experience, with some great dunks in between.

What is the funniest Nation memory you can share with us?

Naming Andy Acosta "Yosemite Sam". I like to nickname everyone I work with but he was the first NBA Nation nickname. That, and being called everyone one but who I am…from Shaq to Moses Malone.

First stop this year… San Francisco. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of that city?

Returning to Sassy San Fran, being part of the parade, a place where my imagination can run wild and it is all good. People come out to the event to have a good time and you never know what is going to happen, but it is all fun!

You’re good at naming dunks. If you could dunk-ify each of these tour stops, what would their names be?

Los Angeles - Layin' it back LA, where the talent is always up to par

Charlotte - Hottest stop on the tour, it’s always 102 for sure

Chicago - No sand in your teeth, it could get gritty, come out to Chi-town, it will get windy

Washington D.C. – DC…where you can ride a llama or see Obama, hanging with me

East Rutherford - The city that is growing and people not knowing, the lights are glowing, Nation’s still going

Philadelphia - Don't stop to look at the morning Dove, come to Philadelphia to see what you’re made of, cause it’s the sure enough city of brotherly love

Dallas - Dazzling Dallas where they do ribs right, up all morning and still all night

We’re headed back to two places you played during your career: Philadelphia and New Jersey. What do you think it will be like going back there?

I love both cities and the fans. Seeing new and old fans, friends and family. It's always a good time in these cities

Why should NBA fans come out to NBA Nation? (Aside from the chance to meet Darryl Dawkins)

Well you can always visit Charming Chocolate, but other great legends show up on the tour…and current day players will show up for sure. NBA Nation does it right, we do it pure. Young talent in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest bring their very best. What is left over, we call that a mess. Hanging with the sponsors, like Sprint, get up to date on the latest tech.

Don't wear a suit, you will get some lint. We do it, we do it right, t-shirts and wrist bands, and always some Sprite. Come one, come all, you will have a ball. We got skills and drills, giveaways and contests, put on your sneakers, they must be the best. Put on your adidas, leave home the rest…

P.S. - The NBA Nation is bringing the best!!... They took Chocolate as ambassador, what you will see is only a guess, but it is sure to be the best!

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