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Opening Day Spring Session IV April 5, 2014

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles. For Immediate Release

Another Opening Day of Hoop Du Jour Basketball. Weather: Sunny, Temp 85 degress.

I am so excited about this session of HDJ.

The roster of players are strong from top to bottom, as we have 8 new players...welcome to the team.

Today we focused on Speed! Pushing the ball up and down the court concentrating on control.

Outlet passes, fastbreaks, rapid release of the ball, etc.

Everyone worked extremly hard today under tough weather conditions, alot of sweat to go around.


Brittney, John, Noah, Speedy and Asher all excelled in Buzzer Beaters.

In the end, last person standing was John  the Winner.

Sam and Tyler worked hard on their defense and Angelina and Brittney battled on every possesion.

Congrats go out to Noah for sinking the winning Foul Shot in our weekly scrimmage run/game.

I cant wait till next week, to serve up a daily dose of HDJ!

Coach Rob.

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