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Spring Session IV Week 2 April 12, 2014

Boynton Beach, FL Canyon Isles For Immediate Release.

The weather is beginning to get Hot at Hoop Du Jour Basketball Camp.

The warm tempatures are here to stay and that means conditioning will play a big role in what we are trying to accomplish.

In today's game of Basketball "Speed" plays an important part in the winning and losing of games.

The team that pushes the ball up and down the court and gets the most possesions...usually ends up on top.

Our Players are really pushing each other and the hard work is paying off.


Buzzer Beaters came down to the wire as Sam and Asher battled to the finish. When all was said and done Asher banked a 17 footer off the glass to claim the crown.

Gianni sizzled in the Dribble Timer Drill by breaking the 11 seconds mark.

Nathan exceled in the Foul Shot Team relay and Alex recorded a Double - Double in the scrimmage.

I want to Thank Spalding for they're genorosity in providing today's Basketballs for giveaway.

Hoop Du Jour Basketball "I Love this Game"!

Coach Rob

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