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Week 3 Recap

April 27, 2013 Boynton Beach, FL Canyon Isles

First off, I want to welcome two new players to our Team... Danielle M. and Kyle W.

Week Three's focus was on "EXECUTION".

A great day for anything outdoors as the weather was absolutley gorgeous.

Continuing our focus on NBA style drills the focus was maintaining your concentration and execution while under duress.

I must admit I enjoyed wacking the entire team  with my Giant Green Pool Noodle as they went through the Rapid Release drill.

It takes a strong minded player to maintain his or her cool and score the basket.


Josh E. regained his Buzzer Beater title.

In addition Josh E, also won Knockout.

Sportsmanship was a big topic of play today where points were awarded to Caio, Josh, Jaylean, Alex, Avi, Reid.

Until next week, remember to keep your head up when dribbling the Ball and hit the open man.

Coach Rob.

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