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Week 3 Session II

Boynton Beach, FL Canyon Isles, For Immediate Release

Todays HDJ class focused on Dribbling of the basketball and the setting of picks.

In todays game of basketball, it so important to move the ball with great speed and control.

It is also very important to move without the ball, while creating picks to get open.

This way, everyone gets involved with the play and keeps the defense honest.

There was alot of good play out there today, especially during a new drill - The Dribble Timer.

Week ones best times were Alex G 11.81, Josh Y 12.09, Gavin M 12.82, Jaxon G 12.87 and Andrew K 12.90.

Each week we will compare scores from the previous week, with the hopes of quickening the pace.

Lastly, today we held our Annual Charity Clothing Drive.

It's nice to help out  the people who are less fortunate than we are by donating  unused Clothing, Books, etc.

It truly sends a terrific message to all of our players  

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