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Week 4 Session III Feb. 8, 2014

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

What a gorgeous day for Hoops; 82 degrees, Sunny =  a heavy sweat day.

Its days like this that build stamina and conditioning.

Being in better shape than your oponent translates to WINS!

Okay, now to the highlights of todays Camp:

In the Dribble Time Drill, our times continue to decrease.

We are focusing on keeping the dribble low, our heads up and transitioning  with speed and control.

80% of the players took time off the clock from the previous week. (the drill is working)

In Buzzer Beaters Asher F. sank a 12 footer to defeat Jaxon.

Jaxon put on an amazing display today coming off of his 2nd ankle injury.

You'd never know by the way he was all over the court; shooting, defending the angles and driving to the basket. AWESOME!

A few honorable mentions include, Angelina for her all around game.

Scottie S hit the game winning shot in our scrimmage with a "kiss off the glass" over brother Jared. 

Nathan, Faith and AJ also had strong outings.

A great job all around in the hazy, hot and humid conditions.

Focus is what it's all about even in tough conditions.

I cant wait till next week

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