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Week 5 Session II

Boynton Beach, FL Canyon Lakes For Immediate Release

Another great practice with alot of hustle.

Today I introduced another Pro style drill called "Off to the Races".

As weve stated time and time is so important to move the basketball with speed yet be under control.

The drill is set up off of a missed shot where the rebounder hands off the ball to his guard and away they go.

The point guard dribbles down court and is feeding the ball back and forth to his wing players.

Following the ball is the reboubder who is ready for any put back opportunity's.

Not bad for the first time, as we are getting the players ready for game competition.

Josh Y. set the up to date Dribble Time record by posting a 11.59.

Prizes were awarded today for great all around play; Nets basketballs by Spalding.

Two weeks to go, Dunk you very much!

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