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Week 5 Session III Feb. 22, 2014

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Isles For Immediate Release

Well another fine day for Basketball with tempatures in the mid 80's, a Hot one.

Todays session was foused around moving the ball in gametime situations.

Making that extra pass instead of settling for a jump shot.

Its the Offenses that get everyone involved by touching the ball that are most successful.

Moving without the ball is a lost art in todays game; today we are gonna sweat with nonstop movement.

Okay now for Highlights:

Scottie Schacter back from assignment Won the Buzzer Beaters competition by hitting a runner at the buzzer to defeat Jaxon.

AJ had a strong all around game by setting picks, playing defense and driving to the basket.

Sean and Sam are improving weeek by week with their overall understanding of the game.

Jaxon and Faith continue to excel on the fast break.

Lastly a big HDJ Shout out is in order to Under Armour for supplying our Team with T Shirts.

Now, not only do we play well, but look good too.


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