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Week 6

Boynton Beach, FL @ Canyon Lakes For Immediate Release.

Well it all comes down to the Final Week; next week will settle the score and crown a new Champion.

Todays play was outstanding; with hard play, good sportsmanship and an overall feeling of determination.

In the Fouls Shot Exhaust Drill, Scottie S knocked down the Foul Shot after 7 missed attempts by other players, Exhausting, LOL.

In the Team Foul Shooting Drill relay, Sydney B hit the winning shot capping a great comeback.

Alex G continues to excel in Buzzer Beaters; as he nailed a Shot with a "Kiss offf the glass" as time expired.

Jaxon G defeated Alex G in a round of Knockout.

Next week all of the Points will be tabulated and the Scores will be posted.

It's been a terrific Session with all of our Players learning a great deal on how to become  better players.

Its plain and simple; through hard work and determination- good things happen.

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